mischa. (coccktease) wrote,

i forgot how much working out hurts. this evening terri and i went to a local gym to check out the sitch and possibly join. they let you pay per visit which is sweet for flakes like us. it took so much out of me but we're going back in the morning. i am fucking enormous and the winter weight has got to go. i know a lot of girls don't like working out with men around but, this place was a complete sausage fest and i was into it. only because dudes are so extra in the gym! it's like, okay. you can lift heavy things. relax.

  • hai!

    my laptop died. i'm mooching my friends broadband and shit. i hope to be back to ignoring this journal real soon.

  • (no subject)

    When did you last have sex with your ex? quite some time. Whose ​ bed did you sleep ​ in last night ​?​ my own. Ever kisse ​d anyon ​e 30 or…

  • (no subject)

    keeping a low profile is probably your best bet.

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