mischa. (coccktease) wrote,

i can spot bullshit a mile away as long as i'm not the target. i hate that i can't tell if i'm being manipulated or lied to until it's too late.  
i'm doing research for a project and i'm at that hair pulling point. just give me what i want, internet!  

  • hai!

    my laptop died. i'm mooching my friends broadband and shit. i hope to be back to ignoring this journal real soon.

  • (no subject)

    When did you last have sex with your ex? quite some time. Whose ​ bed did you sleep ​ in last night ​?​ my own. Ever kisse ​d anyon ​e 30 or…

  • (no subject)

    keeping a low profile is probably your best bet.

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